July 21, 2016

The San Joaquin valley

I spent four years living in Stockton, CA and had many occasions to visit the City of Sacramento.

     My favorite part was Old Town Sacramento, probably still is one of my favorite places. The smell of the waffle cones, and the sound of the horse and buggies going across the cobble stone streets.
     There are many places to eat and of course little shops that sell numerous items to attract the out of town folk.
     Usually when we fly into Sacramento this is the first place we go and grab something to eat. We have found a few favorite places :)

More Pics

My3sonz and "The Delta King" which is now a Hotel.

     When I graduated from High School......that Fall I left for Christian Life College in Stockton, California  (my poor mother was left all alone, hindsight....).

  On this trip to California we were able to go by the old Bible College where my husband and I both attended. It is now a rehab place, but "Oh, what memories".
      They let us look around outside some of the areas, but not all of it.  Many of the buildings have been changed and the campus looks somewhat different.

 The front parking lot of the Bible College (and yes, the rental car agency gave us some cool cars to drive, anything to help the mundane drive up Hwy 99).

 Taking pics and reminiscing

 Bible College on Cherokee Lane

 These new fences over to the left kinda made me forget where this pic was at, but while I was a student this first door to the right was the music classroom. Such a familiar sight with a gazillion memories.


This is the Church across the street from the Bible College, we never used this one for Chapel, we used one down the street. However, I believe my Bishop was here when they used this building.

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