September 17, 2014

Jacobs Birthday

My middle sons 21st Birthday.....I'm getting old, because I  promise this does not seem possible. Friends and family made the celebration great... and a wild game of spoons......and I mean WILD!!!!

 This is intense candle lighting....

My husband is VERY serious about this candle business!!   :}

 Chocolate pudding cake, and Oreo Ice Cream Cake.....YUM!!!!

 The Birthday Boy

 Love my Jacob!!!

 The beginning of the wild spoon game. Not sure if most people play it this way????? They dive across tables and chairs to get the spoon!!!
My silverware took on new shapes after the game. LOL


September 13, 2014

Christmas Day 2013 Pt.2

   Christmas Day breakfast, followed by afternoon snacks, followed by dinner at Grandma's.

 Caleb playing some tunes

 Bella and Mr. Jacob

 Jacob and the little cousins

 My husband holding my sisters tiny puppy!!!!  LOL

 Dinner at Grandmas

 Sammy tormenting cousin Katie


The end of a wonderful day.

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