January 20, 2014

Pizza on 23rd Street

     By far one of my favorite places to shop and eat in Portland, is on 23rd street. I love strolling down the street and looking at the old, and amazing historic buildings, shops and restaurant's.

We came upon this sweet little pizza shop and it was wonderful. Pizza made just the way I like it.
     Not much seating in the shop but I would definitely visit again. check out their menu here  Escape From New York Pizza


January 16, 2014

Memories on Blogger


     As you can see I am playing catch - up on my blog. Why post all the 6 months old photo's you may ask?  Well, my reason for this blog is to be a memory maker for myself and  my family. Including favorite recipes my family may want to look up, or just stroll through memory lane.  It seems much easier than scrap-booking..... 

     So, I call this my electronic memory book for my family. Thus is the reason to not miss important events even if I am behind in posting. Some day when I am old and gray (almost there now), I will enjoy looking back and reminiscing on all these special times!!!

January 14, 2014

Portland Summers 2013 Pt.2

Portland waterfront...wonderful


January 12, 2014

Portland Summers 2013 Pt.1

The summers in Oregon are the BEST!! Incredible warm weather and beautifully green. It is always fun to visit the waterfront, but my favorite season to be there is summer. Awe, the beauty...

 My wonderful children....love, love, love them!!

 This man was playing classical music on his violin. It was so... beautiful!!


January 11, 2014

Sammy's Birthday 2013

Sammy's 23rd Birthday...love my son!!!

Caleb preparing the Salmon

Sammy's favorite candy bar :)

Consuming the "Fast Break"

Happy Birthday Sammmy!!!


January 10, 2014

Fourth of July 2013

Love this day, a Celebration for the United States and also a fun family time!!  Maken' memories!!

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