October 24, 2013

Elephants Delicatessen

This is the greatest deli in Portland, of which there are several locations but I love this one on                NW 22nd Elephant's Delicatessen. They have different stations throughout the restaurant depending upon what you want to eat. Pizza, sandwiches, sides, cheeses, bakery....the options are endless.

The only drawback is, if your party is eating different items your food is ready at different times, so you either wait and have cold food or eat ahead of everyone else.

I haven't mentioned the best part of this establishment....the gifts, home decor, table decorations, cards and stationary.  I find it hard to eat with all this beauty intertwined between all the food. I just want to window shop the whole time I am here!!

More picures HERE

Pizza Counter       (Um....that is root beer and pizza)

Side Dishes and Cheese


Love even more

Sauces, Dips and Dressing's

More of what I like



The Best :)


October 16, 2013

1940's Youth Dinner

The youth had a 1940's dress up evening, with a dinner and skit.  The best part was going over to my moms house and digging out hats and ties from "my grandpa's" era.  Oh the fun plus all the other stuff they got to looking at while at my moms house....full of memories!!!

More pictures HERE

The Hummer?? 1940's??? LOL


October 4, 2013

Vaulted Ceilings

     So a few months ago we painted the living room, family room, and kitchen, plus all the ceilings. We have vaulted ceilings in the living room, so trying to get the fan put back up was a family deal.

     See, the ladder was about 6 inches to short and the ceiling fan is VERY heavy....well the picture tells the story. My husband is having a fit because Jacob is standing on the top rung of the ladder and my husband is telling him the dangers of that while he stands on the taller ladder......  :)

     Sammy and Caleb are assisting by telling them they are doing it all wrong while hanging on to the wiggling ladders.


As you can see Lizzy is stressed out from all the commotion but her and I can do absolutely nothing except take pictures and wonder why we have vaulted ceilings!!!  HAHA


October 3, 2013

Easter With Family

Easter lunch/dinner at my sisters (Rachel's) house. Lots of food and family!! For more pictures go to...

My3sonz with the sun in their face!!

Cousin Bella always wanting to sit by the boys....

I am not sure about this photo, although if I recollect Caleb has coffee in his hand which I believe accidentally ended up in Charlies pie sitting so nicely there on his plate LOL

Special times

Some Classical music to end the dinner.

Outside for a litlle swinging....more like making the girls go airborn.....LOL

Sammy, cousin Charlie, and Jacob

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