September 27, 2013

Celebrating Easter at Church 2013

The Sunday School has tons of fun.... planned for the bus kids and regular attendees. What a fun day to Celebrate that Jesus is Alive and wants to come live in our hearts today!!
Our Church is the most amazing place to find... and experience Jesus!! 


September 26, 2013

Student Convention Awards 2013

These are a great group of kids!


September 20, 2013

My3sonz are cooking!!

My wonderful boys just informed me that on Saturday's they are taking over the evening meal.
They are going to start cooking every Saturday including dessert!!

WOW!!! I am sooo excited to see what creations these boys of mine come up with!!

I am thinking that while they are in the kitchen I will stay far away, knowing these 3 it will be a wild place!!

I will post the recipes!!!

Excited for Saturday!!!

September 19, 2013

Student Convention Performance 2013

     Student Convention is a school event that the children participate in platform events and also non-platform such as sewing, photography, woodwork, cake decorating etc.

     The kids are amazing at whatever event they are doing!!


September 18, 2013

Portland Hills & Waterfront


     Spending time in downtown Portland is one of the many things I enjoy doing.

     Now while I do like living out in the somewhat country/vineyard area...there is something fun about getting in the car and driving 40 minutes to the City of Portland.

      These pictures were taken up in the hills that overlook Portland, and then down on the waterfront where there are some cute shops and great places to eat. The weather was a little on the chilly side but that doesn't stop true Oregonians from getting out and enjoying the day!!

More picutres at Portland Hills & Waterfront


September 17, 2013

Sweets For The Sweet

This day in February is all about flowers, chocolate and the ones I love!!



 Sweets (the best cookies ever) and I lost the recipe....still searching

 My wonderful boys


September 16, 2013

Burbank in January Pt.2

The eating the Market City Cafe. Now I actually had the privilege to eat at this restaurant and it is an amazing Italian eatery. The Sunday that I ate there, they had a little quartet playing classical music. Love it!!!
Back to the story at hand.......more eating.....

For more pictures go to January in Burbank

 Jacob and his calzone

 Nurse Rachel with chart in hand...and Doctor Avendano???

 Sharing a pazooki

 Checking Marvin's blood pressure??

 Doing his duty......Chaperon for hire!!!  LOL

Flying home over San Fransisco with Southwest


September 14, 2013

Burbank in January Pt.1

      Sammy went to California to visit Rachel and Jacob went to chaperon (and collect his free chaperon meals.) LOL
     The first stop was to eat at  Joe Peeps New York Style Pizza which their friend Marvin manages. Its so wonderful to be friends with the pizza guy!!
     The weather was cool, but not as cool as it is in McMinnville in January! The boys told me it was in the mid 60's Sunday afternoon, which sounds like a dream to us stuck in the middle of an Oregon winter.
     Visiting the Reagan Library was a cool experience from the pictures they showed me. By the way all these pictures are compliments of Mr. Jacob.

For more pictures go to January in Burbank

At Joe Peeps

At the Americana Mall

Friends from Fontana drove to Burbank to meet the boys for breakfast.

Reagan Library

Simi Valley

A piece of the Berlin Wall

President for a day

another president....

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