July 30, 2013

Jake's Surprise Party PT.2

The party continues way past my bedtime.... :)

I have found that on Sunday night after Church it is so easy to stay up late and eat / fellowship without realizing how late it really is. 

When the alarm goes off on Monday morning...that is when it hits you how late it really was the night before!!

More pictures HERE

Make a wish 

Cutting the cake

Thoughtful gifts

Necessary gifts :)

Special friends

The best gift of the evening!!!

Thank you to the kitchen help!!! Could not have done it without their help!!!


July 25, 2013

Jacob's Surprise B-Day Party PT.1

In order to surprise one of my boys it takes GREAT effort and scheming. There are not to many secrets that they don't eventually find out. How is this? I often ponder this and come up with zero answers.

I have told my boys that between the ages 15-21 I would give them one (surprise) Birthday Party,  because it is very difficult to succeed in this area.  :)

Jacob's Birthday happens to be on New Years Eve....so the only way I could make this happen was to have it early....we had it on December 16th.

Could not have done it without my moms help. We had the party at her house which was hard to get the tables set up etc. and decorated with having Sunday lunch at her house also.

 We even had one party invitee come a week early and at the wrong time....almost had a close call with Jacob seeing him!!! WHEW

 Waiting for MR. Jacob to go get fast food and then head home after Church :) so he thinks.



 He's HERE!!!!

 SURPRISE (with his Muchas Gracias quesadilla ) Not sure how Sammy convinced him to come over to Grandma's house that late...

 The question.....IS HE REALLY SURPRISED?????


 My mom, myself and Jacob

 more food


The cake......


July 19, 2013

Christmas Sunday Morning (2012)

The Sunday school deptartment does a wonderful job telling the Christmas story involving the Church kids and bus kids. Love this.....so sweet!!!
See more pictures HERE



July 17, 2013

Card Photos

So every Holiday season we try and send out a Christmas (2012) greeting card. The problem that we face is getting a picture to put on the card. I procrastinate.....until its almost to late and then I tell the boys, either we do the pictures today or its not going to happen.

 So after morning Church, when they are STARVING.....we go in search of a place to take a photo. Trust me....you DO NOT want to be the photographer of three hungry boys!!!!!


July 16, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

So I have this chronological phobia :) All pictures must be in order of DATE regardless if I am 8 months behind. :)  Bear with me we might make it to Easter pics before Christmas!!!! Maybe I will do 5 posts this week and almost catch up YAY!!!

Trouble lurking in the hallways.

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