April 22, 2013

Arizona Friends

The amount of fun that was had this day is too much to describe.....   I laughed until I could laugh no more.....  :)


April 20, 2013

Seth and Alyssa's Wedding Reception

The reception was so.... pretty all the tables and decor plus the food. I had a horrible migraine so I missed most of it.

Also when we landed the first day in Arizona...Mr. Jacob tore a ligament in his leg trying to scare Lily...so the weekend was spent on crutches :o


April 19, 2013

Seth and Alyssa's Wedding

So you know that most wedding photo's taken from us non professional photographers.......usually consists of all the heads of people sitting in the pew before us.

Well yes, while I did have that problem too....I also had the issue of trying to zoom in and take pics without flash so as not to disturb. 

 This Church is very large so to reach the desired subject I had to zoom in but not with a very good telephoto lens... so please enjoy the pictures knowing that my photography ability is really lacking!! LOL  
Plus I am missing some of my pictures :(

A really beautiful wedding by the way!!!


April 17, 2013

Round-Up Sunday


April 1, 2013

Mi familia en Lincoln City

Our family went to Lincoln City in the early evening, then had a lovely dinner at Kylo's Restaurant. With our stomachs full to the brim we walked the beach and were Blessed with an incredible sunset. God's creation is amazing!!

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