February 22, 2013


So we were on a great hunt for Gravenstein Apples....my grandmother and mother only use Gravenstein for apple pies. These are a really old type of apple and have a short season when they are ripe... they are difficult to find so we are always on the lookout!!

On the hunt

The new head whacker :)

This is what apple pickers are used for

Yes, we even wanted the ones that didn't look so great

The brown spot on Jacob's nose is to prove that they really were working to find apples ?!


February 21, 2013

Hot Air Balloon

In a field a little ways from our housing development, they had a tethered hot air balloon for an advertising venue. Well, Mr. Caleb decided he wanted a ride in the balloon and Jacob didn't really want to wait in line so I stayed with Caleb and I was the photographer :)
Did you hear in the news recently about a couple that got married in a hot air balloon and on the way down it crashed?!  Yikes, I have no desire to be in a balloon tethered or not~~

 Finally Caleb's turn for a ride

 Caleb tells me that it is a rope hanging down and that it is not attached to his head :)


 So they came down to land but the lady operator accidentally sent them back up LOL

 Up again

Saw this adorable car while waiting for Caleb the second time :)


February 20, 2013

Caleb's 16th

Now before you wish Caleb a Happy Birthday take into consideration that I am posting pics at my own rate "SLOW" LOL.  Had a fun time with my youngest boy.....love him sooo...much!!!!

    Some neighbor boys and also church friends

 Tormenting the girls :)

 He wanted a Angry Birds Cake so I did my best~



February 11, 2013

Cousin Katie

Katie is currently in Scotland attending a Bible College.  Just wanted you (Katie) to know, we think of you often and miss you...
Come home soon, the family get togethers' are not the same without you.

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