March 28, 2012

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New recipe at iLuve2cook


March 19, 2012

My moms's 75th Birthday party

My mother celebrated her 75th birthday ( yes I'm late on posting this). We are blessed to have such a good mother and (grandma). My mother is full of energy and is still the best cook around. Hoping when I reach that age I will have all that vim and vigor!!!

My sister hosted a wonderful brunch and we all brought a few desserts to contribute to the already wonderul spread.

I loved the flowers and spent most of my time dreaming of summer and smelling the lovely lavender and cream bouquets.

I snapped a picture of mom enjoying all the delicious food.

More desserts ~~

The great-grandkids helping mom open her presents.

The aftermath of eating to much food....we clean up and sit down again to talk, cause we are to full to move :) There are more pictures at Naomi's Pics


March 15, 2012

Food Blog

Come Check out my food blog ~~~~ iLuve2cook


March 2, 2012

Miss Kate

My niece Katie had her 18th birthday...These kids are growing up so fast I'm starting to feel old. This is Katies' senior year and in the fall she will be attending Harvest Bible College in Scotland. We will miss her but hope she will return to the States quickly!!!  See more pics HERE

Katie and Jacob ( I really have no clue what is taking place here)  ???

My sister had some great appetizers (I love mushrooms) !!

 Charlie my nephew

Sammy, Jacob, Food, iPads and iPhones :)  Oh ya and Katies' birthday party!!!

Miss Kate ~~

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