September 17, 2011


I remember growing up and watching my mother look at cookbooks and more cookbooks and I used to poor mother is just enjoy browsing through those extremely boring, useless books :)

Well, time has a way of maturing our little pea sized brains and we wake up and realize, now I am the cook who has to have a home cooked meal everyday for 30 days out of the calendar....and I have boys that are starving 45 minutes after they eat 2 sandwiches at Subway!!! Can you imagine, I can barely finish a half of a Veggie Sandwich.

So I am constantly on the alert for great and new recipes (because I believe baking has now become my full time job at Home) Wouldn't have it any other way I love baking and having the boys eat it and then I can try something new!!

So all that was to say there is a web page that has some awesome recipes on it and also some....... Copycat restaurant recipes. It is called CDKitchen. Browse through the site and see what you think.

Have a great day in the KITCHEN!!....


September 16, 2011

More pics ....

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