November 29, 2010


I love the weekend after Thanksgiving!! Now first of all I am NOT an all night shopper but I do love to go shopping on Saturday after the Holiday. It puts me in the Christmas spirit. We went with grandma and had a nice time shopping and eating of course!! I took this picture with my Iphone and the flash kind of made it looked washed out :) the pic was taken at a HEALTHY Italian restaurant called Pastini Pastaria I thought it was good but I don't think the boys were to impressed by it.


November 26, 2010

After Thanksgiving Poem

Jacob has a very wonderful talent for writing poems at the drop of a hat!! It takes me three days to get one line written. I thought this was so appropriate I asked him if I could post it on my blog!!

Twas the Day After Thanksgiving
And all through the place
Everyone was groaning
It was quite a disgrace

For gluttons they were
And they now must pay the price
For eating to much on Thanksgiving
Their dignity they did sacrifice

They ate like men on death row
Like those who were doomed
I even saw this one guy
Eating with two spoons

It was a frantic eating frenzy
As I tried to calm everyone down
They all screamed, jumped and shouted
Well, until the chandelier fell down.

No remorse they felt
As they filled their empty plates
Webster said," I'm skinny!
Could use to gain some weight."

I shook my head in utter dismay
While walking out of the room
These people who say they are celebrating
Are really sealing their Edible Doom.

Written by Jacob Avendano

November 19, 2010

WCC 2010

West Coast Conference came and went so fast. Always fun to see old friends and make new ones. Awesome preaching too !!! To see the rest of the Pictures... click HERE


Nathan and Jacob

Jacob and Leonard.. Jacob is in awe of this man's drum playing!!

Alex and Roy


November 17, 2010

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves.......

Every year the fun of the falling leaves.... usually it rains and then we don't get to enjoy them. This year we had a few sunny days to enjoy the leaves. If you have never jumped into a pile of leaves and smelled the smell that only dry leaves can bring you are missing out!! I love Fall!!! To see the rest of the pictures click HERE

Caleb's hand and the shovel

Caleb and Jacob ready for the leaf fight

Caleb Avendano and Jacob Avendano

November 16, 2010

Fall Dinner

Caleb came up with the idea to have a Family Fall Dinner, so we did. It was nice to start the Holiday season early, I think we will keep this new tradition. We had lunch at grandma's house and served Mexican food. To see the rest of the pictures click HERE

Jackson Rhoades

Beth Rhoades, Doug Lethin, Caleb Avendano, Andrew Lethin, Sammy Avendano, Jackson Rhoades and Jacob Avendano

Charlie Lethin and Sam Rhoades

Isabella Benjamin being silly

Jacob Avendano, Katie Lethin, Sammy Avendano and Jackson Rhoades. The boys tormenting their cousin!

Isabella Benjamin

Rachel Lethin and Bristol Lethin
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