February 20, 2010

Mom's Cookbook

When I think of my mom cooking, I always think of this cookbook. Growing up as a kid I always remember my mom using this cookbook on Sunday to bake a 2 -egg cake. She had these bowls that she used there were four of them, a large yellow bowl, then there were smaller sizes in green, red and blue. What lovely memories of my mom in an apron and digging this cookbook out to make her wonderful food. When I got married I tried to convince my mom to give me her cookbook Haha, but that didn't happen. My sister and mom found a cookbook like hers and surprised me with it!! It's funny how we change, I don't think my mom uses it that much anymore and I really don't either. Once and awhile, but mostly I make a cup of tea and sit down and browse through the recipes, what wonderful memories are in between those pages!!!!


February 8, 2010


Lizzy our Maltese Poodle, yes, she is part of the family. Can't believe I would ever say this, but we do love our little pooch. She is the greatest dog, so if you are dog hunting, try looking for a Maltese Poodle they will steal your heart real quick


February 3, 2010


I was getting ready to put these pics on a CD, so I thought I would post them first. These are the pics we used for our seasonal card. I am showing that I really need to take a photography class, "I Know". Please give me break OK :) Love the subject though ~~ My 3 wonderful boys!!!

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